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SEO for Chiropractors – How to Get Your Site to the Top Page of Search Results

The previous year has been a difficult time for chiropractors across the country and the world, but now is the time to start expanding your business and finding new customers. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best tools to help attract new clients to your practice and increase your credibility and reputation online. Today we’re going to share our top tips for SEO for chiropractors to help you rank well on Google or alternative search engines this year.

Why Should You Spend Time on SEO for Chiropractors?

If you’ve been relying on word-of-mouth recommendations or people driving by your practice, this tactic won’t work anymore in the modern and connected world. The majority of people today who are looking for a chiropractor will conduct all of their research online. This starts with the initial search for a local chiropractor and then includes booking a treatment session or contacting a practice. Even when people are searching for a very local business, they are far more likely to turn to Google than drive around their neighborhood.

Instead of spending money on expensive local radio, TV, or billboard advertisements, SEO works as a way of giving your website free traffic. By increasing your ranking on Google, you’ll be able to attract new clients to your business constantly. From there, you need to convert these clients by offering an informative and professional website that will make them want to book your service.

Finally, SEO is one of the quickest ways to grow your business when used on a local basis. While SEO can be slower to garner results for national companies, as you will only be targeting your local town or city, you should quickly be able to improve your Google ranking. When SEO for chiropractors is employed correctly, you can push your site up to the first page of the search results within about a month.

How to Incorporate SEO for Chiropractors Into Your Website

There are a few basic tips to follow to help you with adding SEO to your website. By following these tips below, you’ll be able to set yourself up for success and transform your business this year.

Selecting the Best Keywords

Before you start adjusting the content on your website, you’ll want to look at keywords. Use online keyword research tools and begin to compile a list of everything you could include in your site. While you may think you should stick to words such as “chiropractic treatment,” you’ll find people often search for more simplified terms such as “back pain treatment.” SEO keywords need to target those most commonly used search terms, so you’ll want to try and appeal to a wider audience and not just those who are familiar with the type of service you offer. Opt to focus on keywords that are used by someone who is looking to pay for your treatment, as opposed to someone browsing for general pain management tips.

You’ll want to focus on SEO keywords and terms that are related to the area your practice is based in. Try to narrow this down where possible, as there’s no point trying to attract customers from across your state or country. When you are beginning to add keywords to your site, focus on the core pages first, such as your homepage and the main pages a client would visit to learn about your service. Use titles and headlines for the main keywords and search terms you are trying to use, and ensure everything is well written and coherent throughout. Don’t just try and force in dozens of keywords if they don’t logically sit well within the content.

Online Reviews

Many traditional practices overlook the importance of improving their digital reputation. Try to increase the number of online reviews you have, which can help you improve your search result ranking and convert potential clients to use your service. Google is one of the top places to gather reviews, and you can easily add this to your aftercare email that patients receive from your practice. Try to make this a regular practice, and you’ll soon help improve the credibility of your service online.

Adding Links to Your Site

Another important strategy to consider is increasing the number of inbound links to your site. This is how SEO for chiropractors can help you reach the number one spot on Google, and it shows your credibility online. Try to reach out to companies you already have good relationships with who offer services that can work well alongside yours. You can then trade links and add these to both of your sites to assist with your ranking. Another way to increase your traffic is to look at online directories where you can add your business. There are some free options, such as Facebook, and others where you may have to pay a small charge. Google Analytics can help you see which are the best options for your business.

Tracking Your SEO for Chiropractors

While you can do all of the work to improve your SEO for chiropractors or employ a company to assist with this task, it’s a waste of time and effort if you don’t monitor your progress. Regularly check where your page is ranking on Google to try and see the progress and change your work has made. Google Analytics is one of the best assistants you can use, and it will help you see both the traffic to your site and the conversion rates. You’ll be able to decide what you need to focus on in the future, whether that’s improving your conversion via your website or gaining more traffic to the site in the first place.

SEO for chiropractors is one of the top ways to increase your online presence this year. With the majority of consumers today using the internet for any purchase, it’s critical that you use this as a form of advertising for your business moving forward. By following these top tips above, you’ll set yourself up for success, and over the upcoming months, improve your ranking on search engine results pages.

SEO for Chiropractors
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